Ladies and gentlemen, swine producers, businessmen, managers, veterinarians and friends.

I am glad to welcome you to our VIII National Congress 2019, an EVOLUTION event that involve us all, those in the industry, expositors and their families. We all make this event possible, in which we not only find continuing education but a time of getting together and leisure.

Within this huge amount of information about the global pork production and the African Swine Fever with its CAPACITY of altering all markets, I am certain that the communication between us, our contributors, partners and colleagues, and the ability to share one single message, is what will make us to be alert of any risk that we could encounter.

We are worried, but not only that, we are also taking action by protecting out interests (health, welfare, production, profitability) and without a doubt our food safety and national economy.

We do not have a lot of time available to think beyond our day to day lives, we often get together in meetings, continuing education courses or symposiums, getting along is sometimes a bit complicated, so this National Congress hopefully will help to meet with friends in a different environment.

As you guys already know, from October 23rd to 26th, our great event at the Complejo Vidanta in the Nayarit Riviera will be held, and big CHANGES will be expected, like new selections in subjects and high level speakers, who had been meticulously selected by our Scientific Committee. The event will also include a couple of night events and a wonderful gala dinner.

The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language says; “The meaning of evolution is the action and the effect of evolving”. I would review it and say:

“ ⎻⎻ |

It is the ability to adapt to change. And that, fellow pig farmers, is what we are doing at OPORPA.

We welcome you all again to our great event!

Heriberto Hernández Cárdenas

President of the National Swine Producers Organization